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Historical Fiction E-Books by Philippa Gregory

What an amazing Summer of Reading I have had.. Hark back to the late 1400’s and discover the incredible stories of the women of The Cousin’s War also known as The War of the Roses.

One of the most relaxing Summer’s I have had has just concluded and I’m feeling fresh as I get back into uni this week (ergh!). I was lucky enough to be able to kick back at the beach house for the entire Summer and do nothing but walk, swim, eat, take photos and read! It was certainly a blessed Summer.

My books of choice this Summer were Philippa Gregory’s historical novels about the women of The Cousin’s War, the vicious battle for the throne between Lancaster and York that lasted 30 years. The 30 year saga is truly on an epic scale and I really doubt Hollywood could come up with such an awe inspiring tale. It definately adds some weight to the adage, Truth is stranger than fiction.


Philippa Gregory takes an in depth look at the fascinating women of The Cousin’s War such as Lancaster heiress, Margaret Beaufort (mother of Henry VII), Jacquetta Rivers (mother of Elizabeth Woodville), Elizabeth Woodville (Queen of Edward IV), Elizabeth of York (Edward IV’s heir) and Anne Neville (Richard III’s Queen).

I have included the Good Read’s blurb for each book below and links for more information about the books and the author. To download these e-books, simply click the bottom image which says ‘Download Here’.

Hope you enjoy these great reads as much as I did. Be sure to let me know how you get on, I would love to hear your thoughts on these fascinating women. Happy reading!   signature061

The White Princess (2013)

THE BOOK OPENS IN 1485: Henry Tudor is king, snatching the crown from Richard III in a surprise victory at the Battle of Bosworth. Raised in exile in Brittany and having taken the throne with a French and Scottish force, Henry had neither the easy popularity nor the longstanding political allegiances of the House of York. In an attempt to unify the warring Houses of Lancaster and York, Henry married the York Princess Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.

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The Kingmaker’s Daughter (2012)

THE BOOK OPENS IN 1465: King Edward IV’s secret marriage Elizabeth Woodville, fractured his relationship with his cousin and supporter Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick who was known as ‘The Kingmaker’. Warwick believed that he would be in a position to rule England through Edward, when he could not, he began to look elsewhere for power and used his daughters Isabel and Anne to create new alliances.

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The Lady of the Rivers (2011)

THE BOOK OPENS IN 1430: Henry VI is a child king, only 9 years old, crowned before his first birthday after the death of his father Henry V on campaign. England is in the midst of the Hundred Years’ War in France however life in England is peaceful for most. Sensing an opportunity to overthrow the weakened House of Lancaster, the House of York led by Richard, Duke of York claim a stronger link to the throne. This rivalry brings about a series of devestating battles which would come to be known as The Wars of The Roses and would turn neighbour against neighbour, cousin against cousin.

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The Red Queen (2010)

THE BOOK OPENS IN 1453: Now a grown man, Henry VI has maintained his hold on the English throne, despite decades of political and military challenges by the House of York. The Hundred Years’ War comes to an end in France and England is defeated, losing all of her territory except for Calais. News of defeat drives King Henry into an unresponsive stupor. His wife, the despised Margaret of Anjou, cannot keep control and their great rival Richard Duke of York becomes Protector of the Realm. England is in limbo: a King crippled by insanity, a disliked and mistrusted queen, and two great families vying for control of the Kingdom. Meanwhile a third potential line of succession is emerging from the agreed marriage of the newly ennobled Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond to the child heiress Margaret Beaufort.

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The White Queen (2009)

THE BOOK OPENS IN 1464: The country has been torn apart by the Wars of the Roses between the royal houses of York and Lancaster. The old king Henry VI and his wife Margaret of Anjou have escaped to Scotland and the Lancastrian armies have been decimated by the York forces at the Battle of Towton – the bloodiest ever fought on English soil. England has a new king on the throne: Edward IV of the House of York – young, handsome and daring.

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