A Fighter’s Life: Photo Gallery


A Fighter's Life: Images by Kelly Gregory. Photographs taken at International Muay Thai/MMA show, Xplosion in 2008 featuring 9 x World Muay Thai Champion, Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett.

A Fighter’s Life: Photographs of Xplosion Muay Thai/MMA Fight Series held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in 2008. Photographs by Kelly Gregory.

A look back at my some of my most memorable photography moments. Having trained in muay thai myself for a number of years, I was very lucky to be an amateur photographer awarded real hands on experience shooting a number of international fight shows and local derby’s for colleagues.

This particular event stands out in my mind as a highlight. Not only was I ring side at a top level, international kickboxing competition but I was photographing local, 9 x World Muay Thai Champion, Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett and if I remember correctly, feeling a little like a rock star doing it.

This event stands out as a highlight in my creative career. It took me from an amateur, hobbyist photographer outlook to a paid professional published in martial arts magazines and paid by sponsors to shoot their products and promotional sports stars. And from my first published photographs in Inside MMA, I was contacted by the editor of No. 1 Muay Thai magazine, International Kickboxer and invited to write for the magazine on a regular basis.

With over 12 articles published and countless photography sessions undertaken, I moved from the world of sports writing and sports photography to undertake a change of direction and return to university to get my dual degree in Journalism and Arts.

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Within 500 metres of Home – A Photo Story


Within 500 metres of Home - A Photo Story by Kelly Gregory 2013

This photo story is comprised of photographs taken in my home suburb of Mermaid Beach in my hometown of the Gold Coast, Australia. As the title suggests all of these photos were taken within a 500 metre radius of my house capturing the familiar sights that make up the scenic view of my daily life.


Relocating next year for uni has sharpened the appreciation I have for my home here living so close to the beauty of the gold coast beaches and healthy, outdoor lifestyle. In sharpening my love and appreciation, this move has also sparked the desire to get out and try to photograph the essence of what I love most about the remarkable place I am so incredibly lucky to call home, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, Australia.

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A Sunday in Scandinavia: Brisbane Cultural Festival


Sunday in Scandinavia Photo Story: Photographs taken at Brisbane's Scandinavian Cultural Festival held on September 8, 2013. Photographs by Kelly Gregory.

What better way to spend a gorgeous Spring day than to hit the streets and stroll through the stalls and exhibits of a Sunday Street Festival while fostering a better understanding of the cultural heritage of some of my fellow Australian citizens.

Attending Brisbane’s Scandinavian Culture Festival as part of last semester’s Communication (COMU1311) subject, Identity, Culture & Communication awarded me the opportunity to meet and speak with many of the remarkable people behind the wonderful array of food, craft and design stalls and these are the pictures.

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