A Fighter’s Life: Photo Gallery



A Fighter's Life: Images by Kelly Gregory. Photographs taken at International Muay Thai/MMA show, Xplosion in 2008 featuring 9 x World Muay Thai Champion, Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett.

A Fighter’s Life: Photographs of Xplosion Muay Thai/MMA Fight Series held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in 2008. Photographs by Kelly Gregory.

A look back at my some of my most memorable photography moments. Having trained in muay thai myself for a number of years, I was very lucky to be an amateur photographer awarded real hands on experience shooting a number of international fight shows and local derby’s for colleagues.

This particular event stands out in my mind as a highlight. Not only was I ring side at a top level, international kickboxing competition but I was photographing local, 9 x World Muay Thai Champion, Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett and if I remember correctly, feeling a little like a rock star doing it.

This event stands out as a highlight in my creative career. It took me from an amateur, hobbyist photographer outlook to a paid professional published in…

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