Top Photography Tips + Tricks for Bloggers

Photography Tips and Tricks for your Blog

A selection of some of the best and most helpful photography blog posts and tutorials I have come across in my online travels.

Welcome to the beginning of another wonderful week! As you might know, photography is one of my all time favourite activities and with all the amazing new photo editing apps coming out, it has never been easier for the amatuer photographer to produce amazing, high quality images.

To kickstart my new Kellology blog, I am sharing with you my all time favourite blog posts, tutorials, tools and applications relating to the wonderful world of photography. Be rest assured that every recommendation is a tool, post or tutorial that I have used personally and found to be informative, helpful and productive. So here we go…

How to Make Product Collages for your Blog

Do yourself a favour and head over to Emma + Elsie’s gorgeous style blog, ‘A Beautiful Mess’ where you can check out their photography advice and graphic design tutorials for free. What are you waiting for? The ‘Beautiful Mess’ Blog is a highlight! Simply click on the image below for the direct link.

How to Make Product Collages for your Blog or Website

How to Make Product Collages for your Blog

Build a DIY Light Box

If you want to achieve a professional looking image of your products, I highly recommend using a Light Box. You can purchase Light Boxes online for around $50 – $100 depending on the size and location. However there is no need to shell out your hard earned dollars, with a little bit of know how, you can make your own Light Box at home in under half an hour and for under $15. Click on any of the DIY Light Box images below for the direct links.

So now that you have all the beginner’s advice and inspiration to get out snapping this week, put your camera over your shoulder and get out there! Photography is so much about practice.. spending time learning the different features and settings of your camera, developing your eye for detail and composition and just simply taking plenty of photos with a range of settings and values to see what effects you get in the final picture. Go on, get clicking and get creative. Plenty more helpful hints coming your way. 

By Kelly x


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