Celebrating a 40th… Super Hero Style


Rory's 40th Birthday Collage A-07

What a wonderful way to let my hair down and to catch up with all my oldest friends at the same time.. Celebrating our dear mate Rory’s 40th Birthday with a Super Hero themed house party!!! And what a party it was with this amazing array of long time friends coming together to honour one of our favourite lads and to help celebrate this incredible milestone.

It’s a special thing when you’ve had friendships that are nearly 14 years long and such a joy to get together and hang out with the people I love and laugh with most in this world.  With the ’42 crew’ in our 30’s and 40’s and all of us making such different life choices, occasions for us all to catch up are few, far between and very missed. And I think its those absences that made our night so spectacular!

The costumes were fab! Caught between Lila from Futurama and Lara Croft come Friday afternoon, I could not get my hands on a purple wig for the life of me so the tomb raider was born! The Lara Croft costume was one of the easiest, most comfortable and best looking costumes I have concocted over the years. Engineering the extra large boobs required some thought and failed attempts before developing my own signature boob enhancement system.

My boyfriend Steve who had been doing my head in for the last two weeks analysing every super hero known to man and some I’m sure they’ve never even heard of, put together an awesome piece of work in creating his ‘Coon’ costume. As it was mentioned on the night, I feel I need to add that this is not a racist comment or character. The ‘Coon’ is a South Park character. Cartman’s super hero alter ego! Without a doubt it was the most creative and original costume there and I have to admit there was something kinda sexy watching him walk around with a gorgeous little brown striped furry tail!   By Kelly x


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