This Month’s DIY Craft Projects

craft projects, diy projects

Fun + Fabulous Craft Projects I am taking on this month!

As the weather is getting cooler, my DIY craft schedule is heating up! The creative juices are flowing and I have set myself some fun projects to jazz up my home and inject some life and colour into my surroundings. All of the projects I have chosen to do this month are courtesy of the amazing duo behind one of my all time favourite online destinations, A Beautiful Mess. To see the craft projects in full detail, simply click on the caption below each project image to be taken through to the ‘Beautiful Mess’ project.

With this month’s project ideas set, all I have to do is compile a list of the supplies and tools I will need for the projects. I will be heading out to source any supplies I will need tomorrow and can’t wait to get started on this fresh, funky new craft projects. I will keep you updated with my progress and be sure to post pictures of my finished product!   By Kelly x

All Projects are courtesy of Elsie + Emma at, A Beautiful Mess.


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