For the Sewing Newbie.. Fabulous Sewing Tutorials for Beginners


Sewing Tutorials for the Sewing Newbie


I have been wanting to get into sewing now for quite some time but starting out from scratch can be just a little daunting especially when you have your hands full with a bunch of other creative projects currently on the go. But thanks to my boyfriend’s lovely parents who bought us a brand new sewing machine for our anniversary, I am glad to no longer have any excuse for not beginning my sewing journey.

There are a ton of craft blogs online devoted to all types of sewing and craft but when you are just starting out, it can be very disorientating trying to find a reliable source of information and advice. My top tip is to forget doing a google search and head straight over to my one of my favourite creative resources, Pinterest ( Now simply conduct the same search on Pinterest. The results brought up on Pinterest have been pinned by other online users as being helpful, informative or inspirational thereby providing you search results that are more likely to be relevant to you.

But if you are a sewing beginner like myself, before seek any other advice take a quick detour via one of my all time favourite sewing blogs, Tilly and the Buttons (, the perfect online destination for sewing newbies that are in need of introductory advice. The Tilly and the Button’s blog features a range of comprehensive beginner sewing tutorials that are delivered in simple and easy to understand terminology and that have already been a huge help to me in my own sewing start up.

Take a peek at the fabulously helpful range of Beginners Sewing Tutorials courtesy of Tilly and the Buttons blog ( by clicking on the following link: or by clicking on the individual tutorials pictures below.

Visit the fantastic range of Beginners Sewing Tutorials at by clicking on the following link:

Tilly and the Buttons is on a mission to spread the sewing bug, encouraging more people to start creating their own handmade wardrobe and I couldn’t agree more! Nurture your creative spirit and let it flourish. By Kelly x

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